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20 June

Amica Dstribution

Here at Amica Distribution we really are the EPOS specialists. With several decades of experience working with EPOS solutions, we can offer you insight into what systems can help to keep you ahead of your competitors. »Amica Distribution

17 June

Beyond Stock   offers bespoke EPOS solutions to suit the needs of many industries including hospitality, accommodation, pubs and clubs and restaurants and retail. »Beyondstock

09 June

At ItProteam
we are here to support you 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. We offer POS support at your venue, over the phone or via email. Our point of sale support team consists of experienced POS support technicians, industry specialists and highly skilled engineers. The team also has a broad understanding within various industries and is able to support you with any unique enquiries. »itproteam

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New Block

A server constitutes a central part of a network which provides a platform to share files/folders/information from a central location preventing the need to maintain multiple copies of a file and the subsequent difficulties in tracking. Additionally over time the data stored on a computer becomes more valuable. In the event of any hardware failure there is a risk that data will be lost. By storing the data centrally a means of backing up the data becomes available and can be used for recovery subsequent to any hardware failure.

This server and its backup would act as a central file storage system that can be accessed by all users. Whilst the exact layout and structure of the file system is to be determined in consultation with the client a centralised file system will allow individual and group level permissions to be applied to the data store, i.e. define who can access what data.

We procure, install and manage file, mail, security and many other servers for our client..